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Warm Wool Winter Knit Headband

Dark Grey
Dark Brown
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Warm Wool Winter Headband

Summer won't be here forever. Though the long days may make you forget what it feels like to get a chill. But we don't want to get left out in the cold without cute accessories to keep us warm and wonderfully stylish all winter long. Want to look fabulous and on those cool autumn evenings, and right on into winter? Then take a look at our Warm Wool Winter Knit Headband. The tightly knitted polyester yarn is soft, stretchy, and oh so easy to wear, no matter what you want to do with your hair. Not only that, our Warm Wool Winter Headband is versatile. So slip it around your neck and wear it like a muffler-style scarf to keep cozy, over your ears to ward off the weather, or as a stylish turban-style headband. You can also wear it on your wrist when you need to let your hair down. No worries about stretching the Warm Wool Winter Headband out because the tightly woven fabric snaps right back into place. What's more, you won't believe the variety of colors. There's something for everyone and a color to match everything in your closet. Our Warm Wool Winter Headbands go great with pair of jeans, boots, and a casual top to complement its pop of color. So go ahead and pick a color, or better yet, grab a few to have on hand. Also, don't forget that these Warm Wool Winter Headbands make excellent gifts for the ladies in your life. They'll appreciate it when the weather turns.

Quantity: 1 Headband 

Item Description:

  • One size fits all

  • Material: Polyester Knitted Yarn

  • Function: Hair Band/ Wrist Band/ Neck Warm Band/ Ear-Warmer Band