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Trendy Turban Headband

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red wine hairband
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Trendy Turban Headband

Are you looking for a high-quality headband that's versatile and stylish? Maybe you want something a step up from your run of the mill stretchy headband, or one of those stiff, board-like headbands that leave you with a headache. These Trendy Turban Headbands are sure to be a go-to accessory for any lady who has a long luscious mane that wants to show it off without much fuss. Or, you can use our Trendy Turban Headband to add an elegant accent to your updo. Even if you sport a short hairstyle, these Trendy Turban Headbands are the perfect accessory to enhance your cute cut. Soft cloth, wrapped around sturdy support holds the turban headband in place with no worries of slipping. Not only that, they come in bold color choices of green, red wine, gray, pink, yellow, navy blue, or black. But they're not just one color, that would be boring. Instead, our Trendy Turban Headbands are emboldened with a stripe in an accent color running down its mid-section. Plus there's a lovely stitched accent to show off your personal style. If you're searching for the perfect accessory to dress up your look, or simply to keep your hair under control, these Trendy Turban Headbands fit the bill. One size fits all, ladies, so everyone can enjoy the look of our Trendy Turban Headbands. Not to mention, each of our headbands is unique enough to collect, so why not invest in a few of these gorgeous Trendy Turban Headbands? They make excellent gifts as well. Do you have friends or relatives who love accessories? Who doesn't need a way to hold their hair back while also looking stunning and ready for work, play, or a night out with that special someone? Get yours today.



  • Comfortable absorbent cloth

  • Wrapped around support to keep it from slipping

  • One size fits all adults

  • Striped accent

  • Hand embellishments

  • Wide choice of color combinations