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Simply Suede Skinny Leg Front Tie Pants

Dark Grey
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Simply Suede Skinny Leg Front Tie Pants

Are you looking for a trendy pair of fall pants? Women’s fall fashion is so much fun with all the options out there, you know it’s time to expand that wardrobe. Take our Simply Suede Skinny Leg Front Tie Pants for example. With a loose-fitting high-waist and skinny legs, they’re a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe because of their versatility. These soft suede trousers come in grey, dark grey, green, khaki, and burgundy; with sizes in small, medium, and large. If you grab a pair of our burgundy Simply Suede Skinny Leg Front Tie Pants, you can add a vest and blouse, or sweater, for a stylish work look. Then pick a pair of boxy square heels, and watch the heads turn as you walk in the room. Or, try flats, or tennies with no show socks when you’re out shopping and running around town with your girlfriends. Another idea: How about the green Simply Suede Skinny Leg Front Tie Pants and a sassy crop top, with stiletto style heals as a date-night outfit? With so many options, you may want more than one pair. There are so many ways to wear these casual trousers; you’ll be thrilled they’re in your closet. One thing, make sure to take your measurements, so you get the perfect fit as the size of each piece varies slightly. Check the size chart below, and you’ll be good to go.


  • Women’s fall fashion

  • Casual wear

  • Materiel: Brushed lightweight suede 

  • High waist

  • Front tie

  • Skinny leg trousers


Please compare the following detail sizes with yours before you buy

The color may differ slightly since each computer monitor displays color slightly differently

Please allow 1-2 cm variance due to manual measurement. Measurements: (1cm = 0.39in)

Thank you for your understanding


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